About The Host

Meet Your Host at Carnivore Getaways

A Journey of Health and Discovery
Hello, I'm the founder and your host at Carnivore Getaways. My journey with the carnivore diet began as a personal quest to improve chronic health issues that traditional medicine couldn't resolve. Through my own experiences, supported by countless similar anecdotes, I discovered the transformative health benefits of an ancestrally appropriate diet. It's a repeatable truth I've found: better diet, better health.

Inspiration Behind Carnivore Getaways
My inspiration for starting Carnivore Getaways stems from a desire to educate people about the often-overlooked connection between diet and health. I believe that exploring the low carb spectrum can be a powerful therapeutic tool. My approach is to start with the most restrictive (lion diet) and gradually reintroduce foods to find the perfect balance for each individual.

A Native New Yorker's Insight
As a lifelong New Yorker, I offer guests not just a place to stay but a gateway to the city's heart. With my extensive knowledge and experience, I'm equipped to guide our guests to the best that New York has to offer, from famous landmarks to hidden local spots.

Hosting Philosophy
At Carnivore Getaways, my philosophy is to provide a comfortable space where guests can maintain their carnivore lifestyle while exploring NYC. I understand the challenges of adhering to this diet, especially while traveling. That's why I ensure our apartments are always stocked with high-quality carnivore-friendly food and meals are prepared to cater to our guests' dietary needs.

Ensuring a Memorable and Comfortable Stay
My goal is to make every stay at Carnivore Getaways memorable and comfortable. By sharing my knowledge of diet, nutrition, and NYC, I strive to create a unique experience that combines the benefits of the carnivore diet with the excitement of exploring one of the world's greatest cities.

Vision for the Future
Looking ahead, I plan to evolve Carnivore Getaways by incorporating pre-planned tours and additional services based on guest feedback. My aspiration is to expand our offerings, including adding more properties, to accommodate more guests and provide an even richer experience.

Join Us for a Transformative Experience
At Carnivore Getaways, we're more than just a vacation rental – we're a lifestyle experience, blending health, nutrition, and the excitement of NYC. I invite you to join us for a stay that's as enriching to your health as it is to your travel experiences.